The Feudala Castle Ruins (Cetatea Feudala) are located in the region of Salasu de Sus and although only a few walls and a tower remain, it is worth seeing. The castle is located not far from Hunedoara and is visited by many tourists on their way to the Rezetat Nature Reserve. Not far away is also the Malaiesti Castle (Cetatea Malaiesti), which has already been restored. The ruin is a special place, you will feel it when you are there.

Feudala Castle Ruins (Cetatea Feudala)

Feudala Castle Ruins (Cetatea Feudala)

A detour to the ruins of Feudala Castle (Cetatea Feudala) is worthwhile.

Photos of Feudala Castle Ruins (Cetatea Feudala) 

Feudala Castle Ruins (Cetatea Feudala)

Location: Strada 667A, Salasu de Sus (45.51320986684589, 22.955924673011662)

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