The city of Giurgiu is located in the historical region of Muntenia in Romania, directly on the Danube River and on the border with Bulgaria. The city is worth seeing and offers numerous recreational opportunities. The most important sights in the city include the castle ruins (Cetatea Giurgiu), the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Catedrala Adormirea Maicii Domnului), the Museum of Archaeology, History, Ethnography (Muzeul Județean Teohari Antonescu) and the Clock Tower (Turnul cu ceas), as well as the Cultural Centre (Casa de Cultură Ion Vinea), where numerous events take place. Due to its location on the Danube, you will also find a variety of water sports in the city and its surroundings, such as fishing, boating and water skiing. Local companies also offer excursions on the river. A particularly good view of the great river is from the Friendship Bridge (Podul Prieteniei), which connects Romania and Bulgaria. The promenade (Faleza Dunării Giurgiu) also offers a good view. You can relax on the new and old beaches or in one of the city’s parks. The park (Parcul Alei) is one of the most popular. You should also take a seat in one of the city’s restaurants to try one of the traditional Romanian dishes with or without fish.


City of Giurgiu


Giurgiu also offers numerous events, which take place in the cultural centre (Casa de Cultură Ion Vinea), among others. And the city’s theatre (Teatrul Tudor Vianu) stages various performances. There is also a cinema and numerous bars, cafes and restaurants that invite you to end the evening with a good meal, especially in summer. And you should also take a look at the harbour.

Highlights Giurgiu

  • Bridge of Friendship(Podul Prieteniei)
  • Clock tower (Turnul cu ceas)
  • Museum of Archaeology, History, Ethnography(Muzeul Județean Teohari Antonescu)
  • Castle ruins(Cetatea Giurgiu)
  • Park (Parcul Alei)
  • Assumption Cathedral(Catedrala Adormirea Maicii Domnului)
  • Mihai Viteazu Park (Parcul Mihai Viteazul)
  • Danube Riverbank (Ostrovu Mocanu)
  • Monastery (Mănăstirea Sfântul Ioan Rusul)
  • Natural Park (Parcul Natural Comana) (40km)

City Guide Giurgiu

Useful Addresses

  • Tourist Info – Centrului National de Informare si Promovare Turistica
    Address: Parcul Mihai Viteazul
  • Internet:


From the city of Giurgiu, you can easily reach the capital city of Bucharest with its numerous sights. You can find natural beauty in the National Park (Parcul Natural Comana), 40 kilometres away, and also directly along the Danube.



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