The city of Târgoviște is located in the historical Muntenia region of Romania and is worth seeing and at the same time a place where Romanian history was written. In the interesting city there are many historical buildings and sights that you can visit. One of the landmarks of the city is the Chindia Tower (Turnul Chindiei), which was built in the 15th century and belongs to the Complexul National Muzeal Curtea Domnească. Other important monuments of the complex are the church (Biserica Mare Domnească) and the ruins of the palace. You should also visit one of the city’s museums, among which are the History Museum (Muzeul de Istorie), Art Museum (Muzeul de Artă) and Museum of the Evolution of Man and Technology (Muzeul Evoluției Omului și Tehnologiei în Paleolitic). A very special historical place is the Museum (Muzej komunizma), located in a building of a former military unit. This is where the dictator Ceausescu was tried and where the sentence was carried out. A gloomy place, although important for the history of the country. More colorful, on the other hand, is the studio of the artist Gheorghe Petrascu, where numerous works of the Romanian artist are exhibited. As everywhere in Romania, Targoviste has numerous churches that you can visit. These include the aforementioned church (Biserica Mare Domnească) as well as the monasteries Mănăstirea Stelea and Mânăstirea Dealu.


City of Targoviste

A good starting point to discover the beautiful city is the Former City Gate (Poarta Bucurestiului) from where you can walk along Calea Domnească to the historical complex Curtea Domnească, passing by the monastery Mănăstirea Stelea. You can take a break in Parcul Chindia or in one of the numerous restaurants of the city. It is also worth mentioning one of the oldest zoos (Grădina Zoologică Târgoviște) in Romania, but it has little to offer. You can easily explore the city on foot, and if you want to stay longer, there are plenty of accommodations to choose from.

Highlights Targoviste

  • Targoviste Royal Court (Ansamblul Monumental Curtea Domnească)
  • Chindia Tower (Turnul Chindiei)
  • Public Park (Parcul Chindia)
  • Museum (Curtea Domnească (Complexul National Muzeal Curtea Domnească)
  • Museum of Art (Muzeul de Artă)
  • Museum of History (Muzeul de Istorie)
  • Museum for the development of man and technology(Muzeul Evoluției Omului și Tehnologiei în Paleolitic)
  • Museum (Muzej komunizma)
  • Monastery Dealu (Mânăstirea Dealu)
  • Monastery (Mănăstirea Stelea)
  • Church (Biserica Mare Domnească)
  • Art Studio (Casa Atelier Gheorge Petrascu)
  • Zoo (Grădina Zoologică Târgoviște)
  • Former city gate (Poarta Bucurestiului)

City Guide Targoviste

Useful Addresses

  • Tourist Info – Centrul Național de Informare și Promovare Turistică Târgoviște
    Address: Piața Tricolorului, nr. 2A, Targoviste


Targoviste is not only worth seeing, but also a good starting point to explore the surrounding area. You should definitely visit the Bucegi National Park with its natural beauties and hiking trails. The nearest cities are Ploieşti, Pitești and the Romanian capital Bucharest, which is about 80 kilometers away.


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