Buzau is a Romanian city that has several monuments worth seeing, such as the City Hall (Palatul Comunal) and the churches Biserica Negutatori, Biserica Sfintii Ingeri & Catedrala Arhiepiscopală Inaltarea Domnului. You should also have seen the Obelisk, which stands in Parcul Crang and is more than 26 meters high. In Parcul Marghiloman is the 19th century mansion of the same name, also called Vila Albatros. Explore the city on foot and look around. If you want to go shopping, you can do it at Bulevardul Unirii, where Buza´s Shopping Area is located.

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Parcul Crang Park is a popular recreational area in Buzau, where you can take a walk, go boating or just relax by the fountain (Fantani Arteziene). However, the park is only a part of the forest with the same name, where the Adventure Park invites you to climb. The Parcul Tineretului is also very popular and has an outdoor swimming pool (Piscina Atlantis).

Highlights Buzau

  • City Hall (Palatul Comunal)
  • Church (Biserica Negutatori din Buzau)
  • Church (Biserica Sfintii Ingeri)
  • Church (Catedrala Arhiepiscopală Inaltarea Domnului Buzau)
  • Museum of History (Muzeul Judetean Buzau)
  • Etnographic Museum (Casa Vergu-Manaila)
  • Parcul Crang
  • Obelisk
  • Locomotiva 50.659
  • Mud volcanoes Berca

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Buzau is also a good starting point for exploring the region. In the vicinity of the city you can find some unique natural sites such as the Berca Mud Volcanoes (Vulcanii Noroiosi) [Mud Volcanoes Information Center (Centru de informare turistica Vulcanii Noroiosi) at Str. Soimului, Berca]. Also popular are the special stone formations Trovanti (Babele de la Ulmet) in Boziouro, and the living flame (Focul Viu) burns near Terca, there gases escape from the earth, ignited by strong solar radiation. The Munții Buzaului mountains also offer some hiking trails. You can taste wine at the LacertA Winery (http://www.lacertawinery.ro/) . Also worth mentioning are the stone sculptures Tabara de Sculptura Magura in , located not far from the monastery Manastirea Ciolanu.

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Muntenia is a historic part of Romania

Welcome to the region of Muntenia

The city of Buzau is located in the historic region of Muntenia!

Museums in Buazau:

Museum of History (Muzeul Judetean Buzau)
Location: Aleea Castanilor nr. 1, Buzau
Internet: https://www.muzeubuzau.ro/

Etnographic Museum(Casa Vergu-Manaila)
Location: Strada Tudor Vladimirescu, Buzau
Internet: https://www.muzeubuzau.ro