The town of Tarnaveni (Martinskirch) is located in the historical region of Transylvania of Romania and about 100 kilometers southeast from the city of Cluj-Napoca. In the small town you can see several church and listed buildings. Among them, the Unitarian Church (Biserica Unitariană), the Orthodox Church Templom (Biserica Ortodox Templom), St. George Church (Biserica Sfântu Gheorghe), the Wooden Church (Biserica ortodoxa din lemn Sfantul Nicolae din Custelnic). You can also visit the City Museum (Muzeul Municipal Tarnaveni), where you can see, among other things, archaeological findings from the Neolithic period. You can easily explore the city on foot, stopping at one of the city’s restaurants to taste a typical Romanian dish. Squares or green oases of the city, such as the Parcul Central, also invite you to linger.



From Târnăveni you can also reach the historical castle (Castelul Toldalagi), which is about 50 kilometers away. A trip to one of the wineries in the region is also recommended. For example, the Villa Vinea winery is 15 kilometers away.

Highlights Tarnaveni

  • Museum (Muzeul Municipal Tarnaveni)
  • Church (Biserica Unitariană)
  • Church (Biserica Ortodox Templom)
  • Church (Biserica Sfântu Gheorghe)
  • Wooden Church (Biserica ortodoxa din lemn Sfantul Nicolae din Custelnic) 3km
  • Memorial (Monumentul Eroilor Celui de al doilea Război Mondial)
  • Cultural Center (Casa de Cultură Mihai Eminescu)
  • Vineyard Villa Vinea (15 km
    Schloss (Castelul Toldalagi)

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The city of Tarnaveni is located in the historic region of Transylvania!