The beautiful city of Sfantu Gheorghe is located in the region of Transylvania (Transilvania) in Romania and is well worth seeing. The most beautiful part of the city is located directly at the park (Parcul Elisabeta) and the square (Piata Libertatii). There and on the surrounding streets you will find numerous beautiful historical buildings. Among them are the theater (Teatrul Tamási Áron), the building of the city administration (Primăria Municipiului Sfântu Gheorghe) and others. At Piata Mihai Viteazul, which is also in this area, you can find the monument (Grupul statuar Mihai Viteazul). I recommend exploring the city center on foot, because there are historical buildings everywhere, but also modern buildings that have been well inserted into the city character. Among the most important sights is the Sfântu Gheorghe Fortress (Cetatea Sfântu Gheorghe), which consists of several historical buildings. These include the Reformed Church (Biserica Fortificata Reformata) as well as the old fortification wall with bell tower and the funeral chapel (Capelă funerară). Interesting are also the churches of the city such as the Cathedral (Catedrala Sfântul Gheorghe) or the Unitarian Church (Biserica Unitariana). Not to forget the museums of the city. Among them are the National Museum of Eastern Carpathians (Muzeul Național al Carpaților Răsăriteni) and the National Szekler Museum (Muzeul National Secuiesc), which has several sections. Take a seat on one of the restaurant terraces and enjoy the special atmosphere of this beautiful city with a typical Romanian or Transylvanian meal.

Sfantu Gheorghe

City of Sfantu Gheorghe

Due to its location, the town of Sfântu Gheorghe also offers numerous recreational opportunities. Here you can go hiking, cycling and in winter skiing. One of the most popular resorts is Șugaș Băi, 8 kilometers away. Here you can find an adventure park, mini golf and more in summer. In winter you can go skiing here. About 50 kilometers away is the beautiful lake (Lacul Sfânta Ana), where you can walk or go boating. The village of Băile Tușnad is famous for its lake and for the healing properties of the mineral waters found here. We should also mention the gorge (Cheile Vârghișului) and the magnificent nature parks Parcul Naţional Piatra Craiului (70 kilometers away) and the most famous national park (Parcul Natural Bucegi), which is about 100 kilometers away.

Highlights Sfantu Gheorghe

  • Liberty Square (Piata Libertatii)
  • Central Park Elisabeta (Parcul central Elisabeta)
  • Fortress Sfântu Gheorghe (Cetatea Sfântu Gheorghe)
  • Fortified Reformed Church(Biserica Fortificata Reformata)
  • Theatre (Teatrul Tamási Áron)
  • Statue (Grupul statuar Mihai Viteazul)
  • Fountain Mihai-Viteazul Square (Fântâna Arteziană)
  • Church (Biserica Unitariana)
  • Kathedrale (Catedrala Sfântul Gheorghe)
  • National Szekler Museum (Muzeul National Secuiesc)
  • Szeklerland Hunting Museum(Muzeul Cinegetic al Ținutului Secuiesc)
  • National Museum of Eastern Carpathians (Muzeul Național al Carpaților Răsăriteni)
  • Ski & Holiday Resort (Schi Resort – Șugaș Băi) 10 Km
  • Health Resort (Băile Tușnad)

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Beliebt sind auch die zahlreichen Veranstaltungen in der Stadt wie zum Beispiel die Sfântu Gheorghe Tage (Zilele Sfântului Gheorghe), zu denen eine Kulturwoche und das Festivalwochenende sowie ein Handwerkermarkt gehören oder das Kunstfestival PulzArt.

Sfantu Gheorghe

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Transylvania is a historic part of Romania

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The city of Sfantu Gheorge is located in the historic region of Transylvania!