Barlad is a city in the region of Moldova and is located in the east of Romania. Characterized by a long history, Barald today has many cultural and historical sights. As everywhere in Romania, in Barald you will find a variety of churches, including the Church of Queen St. Rosary (Biserica Sfânta Fecioară Maria, Regina Rozariului), the Church of St. George (Biserica Sfântul Gheorghe) , St. Elias Church (Biserica Sfantul Ilie) , Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Biserica Nasterea Maicii Domnului) and Church of St. Spiridon (Biserica Sfantul Spiridon) to name a few. Many historical houses are now memorials, among them are for example the building of the Municipal Library, the Greceanu House as well as the Red House, where the Mihai Eminescu Center is located today. You can also visit one of the city’s museums, such as the Vasile Parvan Museum. All in all, there are many interesting places to visit in Barlad, which reflect the history and culture of the city.


City of Barlad

Barlad also has a modern side. The shopping center (Bârlad Value Centre) offers numerous stores and a food court. The planetarium and astronomical observatory (Planetariul şi Observatorul Astronomic al Muzeului “Vasile Pârvan” Bârlad) in Barlad is also interesting. And in the parks of the city you can take a break. Worth mentioning are the parks Parcul Mihai Eminescu and Parcul Teatrului. In particular, the numerous restaurant terraces invite you to linger. There you should try one of the numerous Romanian dishes.

Highlights Barlad

  • Church of St. George (Biserica Sfântul Gheorghe)
  • Church of St. Elias (Biserica Sfantul Ilie)
  • Church Queen St. Rosary (Biserica Sfânta Fecioară Maria, Regina Rozariului)
  • Museum Vasile Parvan (Muzeul Vasile Parvan)
  • Museum of Art (Pavilionul Expozitional Marcel Guguianu)
  • Public Park (Grădina Publică Bârlad)
  • Zoo (Gradina Zoologica)
  • Theare (Teatrul Victor Ion Popa)
  • House of Greceanu (Protoieria Barlad)
  • Planetarium and astronomical observatory (Planetariul şi Observatorul Astronomic al Muzeului „Vasile Pârvan” Bârlad)
  • Mihai Eminescu Centrum (“Casa Roşie”)

City Guide Barlad

Useful Addresses

    Address: Bulevardul Republicii nr. 281 , Barald


However, the town of Barlad is not only worth seeing, but also a good starting point to explore the surrounding area. For example, the lake Râpa Albastră or the protected area Pădurea Seaca-Movileni is very popular. About 140 kilometers away is the Vrancea Mountains (Muntii Vrancei), which invites you to hike in nature. The nearest big cities are Iasi, Bacau, Braila and the Moldavian capital Chisnau. And when you are on the road, pay attention to the wineries, where you can buy wine and sometimes stay overnight.


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