The city of Campulung Muscel (Langenau) is a city in the historical region of Muntenia of Romania. It is one of the oldest cities in Romania, where the Romans have already left traces. Thus, the former Roman fortress (Castrul Roman Jidova), located about 7 kilometers from the city center, is one of the sights of Campulung Muscel. Other important sights are the numerous churches of the city, including the Church of St. Nicholas (Biserica Sf. Nicolae), Church Fundeni (Biserica Fundeni Campulung), Catholic Church (Biserica Catolica Sf Apostol Iacob – Baratia) and the Monastery (Manastirea Negru Voda). You should also visit one of the city’s museums. The History Museum (Muzeul de Istorie), the Ethnography and Folklore Museum (Muzeul de Etnografie și Artă Populară) or the Romanian Automobile Museum (Muzeul Automobilului Românesc) are recommended. The House of Culture (Casa de Cultură a Sindicatelor) is on the one hand worth seeing and on the other hand a place where numerous events take place. The statute (Monumentul Eroilor) and the memorial ( Casa Memoriala George Toparceanu) should also be mentioned. You can relax in one of the parks or in the Complex Ceramus, which is a place for outdoor activities as well as meetings. And as everywhere in Romania, you should stop at one of the restaurants in Campulung Muscel and try one of the traditional Romanian dishes.

Campulung Muscel

City of Campulung Muscel

Campulung Muscel is not only worth seeing, but also a good starting point to explore the surrounding area. Like many, you probably think of Dracula when you think of Romania. Poenari Castle (Cetatea Poienari), for example, is one of the many traces of Dracula you can walk on. The castle is located about 70 kilometers away from Campulung Muscel, right on the Transfăgărășan pass road, which was named one of the most beautiful roads in the world by the Top Gear team. Only about 10 kilometers away is the Mausoleum ( Mausoleul Eroilor de la Mateiasi). The monastery (Mănăstirea Nămăiești) about 8 kilometers and the monastery (Mănăstirea Sfântul Ioan Antonești). Nature and hiking trails can be found in the Iezer Mountains (Muntii Iezer-Papusa), 70 kilometers away, or in the Fagaras Mountains, 80 kilometers away, which can be reached through two mountain passes, although they are not always passable. Only 15 kilometers away is the Lacul Rausor reservoir. Also worth mentioning is the National Park Piatra Craiului, where you can find various hiking trails, gorges and caves.

Highlights Campulung Muscel

  • Monastery (Manastirea Negru Voda)
  • Catholic Church (Biserica Catolica Sf Apostol Iacob – Baratia)
  • St. Nicholas Church (Biserica Sf. Nicolae)
  • Fundeni Church (Biserica Fundeni Campulung)
  • Museum of History (Muzeul de Istorie)
  • Ethnography and Folklore Museum (Muzeul de Etnografie și Artă Populară)
  • Romanian Automobile Museum (Muzeul Automobilului Românesc)
  • House of Culture (Casa de Cultură a Sindicatelor)
  • Statute (Monumentul Eroilor)
  • Public Park (Gradina Publica Merci)
  • Memorial ( Casa Memoriala George Toparceanu)
  • Recreation & Conference Center (Complex Ceramus)

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For accommodation in Campulung Muscel you can choose from a variety of places. And the restaurants of the city offer both Romanian food and international dishes.

Campulung Muscel

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