The town of Tecuci is located in the region of Moldova in eastern Romania and has some sights and attractions worth seeing. As is so often the case in Romania, there are numerous churches in Tecuci. These include the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Biserica Nașterea Maicii Domnului), which was built in the 19th century, and the Cathedral of St. George (Catedrala Sfântul Gheorghe), which was not completed until 1969 although construction had already begun in 1938. Much older is the Church of St. Nicholas (Biserica Sfântul Nicolae) from the 17th century. No less worth seeing is the concert hall (Ateneu Tecuci) and the building that now houses a history museum (Muzeul Mixt Tecuci).


City of Tecuci

Numerous festivals in the city of Tecuci also attract visitors from near and far every year, which are held at the House of Culture (Casa De Cultura-Tecuci), among others. Also popular are the parks of the city, which include the Park (Parcul Central Alexandru Ioan Cuza), Park (Parcul Crâng) and Park (Parcul Regina Elisabeta). You can also stop at one of the city’s restaurants and try one of the delicious Romanian dishes.

Highlights Tecuci

  • Cathedral of St. George(Catedrala Sfântul Gheorghe)
  • St. Nicholas Church (Biserica Sfântul Nicolae)
  • Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God (Biserica Nașterea Maicii Domnului)
  • Museum complex (Muzeul Mixt Tecuci)
  • Rezervație Paleontologică Tecuci
  • House of Culture (Casa De Cultura-Tecuci)
  • Concert Hall (Ateneu Tecuci)
  • Statue (Monumentul Cercetașului)
  • Park (Parcul Central Alexandru Ioan Cuza)
  • Park (Parcul Crâng)
  • Park (Parcul Regina Elisabeta)

City Guide Tecuci

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Tecuci is an excursion destination and at the same time a starting point to explore the surrounding area. For example, only about 20 kilometers away is the Mausoleum of Mărăşeşti (Mărășești) and the Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God in Mărășeșt (Biserica Adormirea Maicii Domnului din Mărășești). At the Siret River, which is about 10 kilometers away, as well as at the Călimănești Lake, you can go for a walk and also try boating and also rafting at some places. The nearest city Galati is about 75 kilometers away and Focsani about 40 kilometers.


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