The city of Ploiesti is located in the historical region of Muntenia, Romania, and despite the fact that many houses, churches and remarkable buildings were destroyed during the Second World War and due to the earthquakes of 1940 and 1977, it still has interesting sights. Furthermore, the large city offers a wide range of recreational opportunities. One of the city’s landmarks is the historic market hall (Halele Centrale Ploiești), which immediately catches the eye due to its domed structure. You should also visit one of the numerous museums. We recommend the Museum of History & Archaeology (Muzeul Județean de Istorie și Arheologie Prahova), the Clock Museum (Muzeul Ceasului ) and the Petroleum Museum (Muzeul Național al Petrolului), to name a few. As everywhere in Romania, you will find many different churches in Ploiesti. Among them are the Church of St. John the Baptist (Biserica Sfântul Ioan Botezătorul), the Church of St. Peter and Paul (Biserica Domnească Sfinţii Apostoli Petru şi Pavel) and the Old Church of St. George (Biserica Sf. Gheorghe – Vechi). Moreover, the city has a lively cultural scene with theater, cinema and numerous musical events. Very popular are performances in the theater (Teatrul Toma Caragiu). Ploiesti also has many shopping malls and shopping streets where you can shop and stroll. In the public parks and gardens you can relax.


City of Ploiesti

Ploiesti is also an important transportation hub in Romania and has two train stations and connections to highways. Ploesti is therefore not only worth seeing but also a good starting point to explore the surrounding area. The mud volcanoes of Berca (Pâclele Mari ), for example, are about 100 kilometers away. The salt mine Salina Slănic Prahova is about 40 kilometers away. You can experience pure nature, among other things, in the Bucegi National Park, which is really great and has diverse natural beauty. But also near Ploesti you can find pure nature. The nature reserve Pădurea Snagov is located about 50 kilometers away. Also worth mentioning is the Parc Brazi, a recreational area not far from the city, where you can go for a walk, take a boat ride or rent a bike. There is also a go-kart club in the park. Of course, in such a park you can also have a drink and a meal. Back in the city of Ploesti you can choose from numerous restaurants that offer Romanian specialties as well as international dishes.

Highlights Ploiesti

  • Historic market hall (Halele Centrale Ploiești)
  • Monument / Statue(Monumentul Vânătorilor din Ploiești)
  • Statue of Liberty (Statuia Libertății)
  • Palace of Culture (Palatul Culturii)
  • Museums of the city
  • Birthplace poet Nichita Stănescu (Casa Nichita Stănescu)
  • Zoo (Grădina Zoologică Bucov)
  • Trotting track (Complexul Hipodrom din Ploiești)
  • Church of St. John the Baptist (Biserica Sfântul Ioan Botezătorul)
  • Church of St. Peter and Paul(Biserica Domnească Sfinţii Apostoli Petru şi Pavel)
  • Old church St George (Biserica Sf. Gheorghe – Vechi)
  • Bell tower of St. Gheorghe Church – Vechi(Turnul clopotniță al bisericii Sf. Gheorghe – Vechi)
  • Park (Parcul Central Ploiesti)

City Guide Ploiesti

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Ploesti is located in the Prahova Valley, through which the river of the same name flows, and which in some places has picturesque landscapes that will delight you. Take your time, sometimes you will just stop on the way and enjoy the view or stop in a small village to take a seat in a cafe or restaurant.


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Muntenia is a historic part of Romania

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The city of Ploiesti is located in the historic region of Muntenia!