The small town of Caracal is located in the south of Romania, in the historical region of Oltenia, near the Olt River. The town has a long history. The Romans have already settled in this region. The sights of the small town include the beautiful building of the theater (Teatrul Naţional Caracal) and, as so often in Romania, numerous churches. Among them are the Church Curtea Domnească (Biserica Curtea Domnească), Church of All Saints (Biserica Toți Sfinții) and the Church of the Holy Trinity (Biserica Sf. Treime) to name a few. You should also have seen the historic fire watch tower (Foişorul de Foc), which is in need of renovation (as of 2023). A very special place is the park (Parcul Constantin Poroineanu) with beautiful avenues, various trees and a lake and art monuments. Also worth mentioning is the library building (Biblioteca Municipală Virgil Carianopol), the monument (Monumentul Eroilor din Caracal) and the old sinagogue (Sinagoga Caracal). In the restaurants of the city you should enjoy one of the traditional Romanian dishes. I recommend exploring the city on foot and discovering new things. Some of the city’s buildings are currently being renovated or are nearing completion (as of 2023)


City of Caracal

Caracal is conveniently located and the surrounding area can be easily explored via national roads 6, 54 or 64. An excursion to the Danube, for example to Corabia, is an alternative or in the opposite direction to the city of Craiova, which is about 50 kilometers away. Also worth seeing is the Roman fortress complex (Cetatea Sucidava), which is 40 kilometers away, but of which only ruins remain, which are nevertheless worth seeing. You can get more information about Caracal and its surroundings at the Information Center (Centru Național de Informare și Promovare Turistică) in Piața Victoriei Square.

Highlights Caracal

  • Theatre (Teatrul Naţional Caracal)
  • Fire watch tower (Foişorul de Foc)
  • Park (Parcul Constantin Poroineanu)
  • Library building(Biblioteca Municipală Virgil Carianopol)
  • Memorial (Casa Memorială Iancu Jianu)
  • Church (Biserica Curtea Domnească)
  • All Saints Church (Biserica Toți Sfinții)
  • Trinity Church (Biserica Sf. Treime)
  • Sinagoque (Sinagoga Caracal)
  • Memorial (Monumentul Eroilor din Caracal)
  • Museum (Muzeul Romanaţiulu) is being renovated Status March 2023
  • Roman fortress ruin(Cetatea Sucidava) 40km

City Guide Caracal

Useful Addresses

  • Tourist Info – Centru Național de Informare și Promovare Turistică
    Address: Piața Victoriei 35B, Caracal



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