The city of Alexandria is located in the south of Romania, in the historical region of Muntenia. The city is little known and not exactly geared to tourists, but that is perhaps also its charm. Nevertheless, there are a few sights to discover and the surroundings of the city offer beautiful landscapes. As everywhere in Romania, the city of Alexandria has some churches worth seeing, including the Church of the Holy Apostles (Biserica Sf. Apostoli) and the Cathedral of St. Alexander (Catedrala Sfântul Alexandru din Alexandria). The Museum of Regional Studies (Muzeul Județean Teleorman Alexandria) is also interesting. The pedestrian zone (Strada Libertatii) invites to stroll, shop and stop at one of the restaurants. The park (Parc Pădurea Vedea) is also popular, where you can take a walk. Since the region is also characterized by agriculture, you can also visit one of the markets. You should also try the cheese from this region. Take a seat in one of the restaurants and enjoy the Romanian hospitality with a tasty traditional meal.


City of Alexandria

Alexandria is not very touristy, but in the region you can still find some beautiful places that are worth seeing. For example, the monastery Mănăstirea Adămeşti is about 6 kilometers away. At the lake (Balta Lazar-Alexandria) you can go for a walk or even fish at certain areas. To the nature park Rezervația Pădurea Troianul , which is about 30 kilometers away, there you can hike and enjoy nature. It is also worth mentioning the Memorial ( Monumentul Ostaşilor Cavalerişti din Regimentul 2 Roşiori), which is about 35 kilometers away. Take your time to travel and let the landscapes guide you. About 80 kilometers away is the former Roman fortress (Cetatea Sucidava), but there are only remains of it. Finally, I would like to mention the area of Lacul Suhaia, which is very beautiful and about 40 kilometers away. However, there are few hotels in Alexandria and the surrounding area.

Highlights Alexandria

  • Church of the Holy Apostles (Biserica Sf. Apostoli)
  • Cathedral of St. Alexander(Catedrala Sfântul Alexandru din Alexandria)
  • Museum of regional history(Muzeul Județean Teleorman Alexandria)
  • Forest (Parc Pădurea Vedea)
  • Pedestrian (Strada Libertatii)
  • Public Park (Parcul Central)
  • Lake (Balta Lazar-Alexandria) 6km
  • Monastery (Mănăstirea Adămeşti) 6km
  • NatureReserve (Rezervația Pădurea Troianul) 35km
  • Memorial  (Monumentul Ostaşilor Cavalerişti din Regimentul 2 Roşiori) 35km

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The city of Alexandria is located in the historic region of Muntenia!