The town of Sebes is located in the region of Transylvania in Romania and is worth seeing. The Evangelical Church (Biserica Evanghelica ) is the most important monument of the town of Sebes , whose ensemble also includes the Chapel of St. Jacob (Capela Sf. Iacob) as well as remains of a historic ring wall and the former bell-ringer’s house ( Casa Clopotarului). Other sights include the old city fortifications (Ansamblul fortificațiilor orașului), of which you can still see parts of the perimeter wall and some towers. Among them are the striking Octagonal Tower (Turnul Octogonal) and the Tailor’s Tower (Turnul Croitorilor). As everywhere in Romania, there are also some churches worth seeing in the city of Sebes. In addition to the aforementioned Protestant church, there is the Great Orthodox Church (Biserica Mare ortodoxa), the Roman Catholic Church of St. Bartholomew (Biserica Romano-Catolică Sf. Bartolomeu) and the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul (Catedrala Ortodoxă Sfinții Apostoli Petru și Pavel). You should also have seen the guild halls (Halele Breslelor) and the building of the town hall (Primaria Sebes). You can easily explore the city of Sebes on foot. Especially the old town is worth seeing. You can take a break in the city’s parks. You can also sit down in one of the restaurants and enjoy a typical Romanian dish.


City of Sebes

However, the town of Sebes is not only worth seeing, but also a good starting point to explore the sights, attractions and natural beauty of the surrounding area. For example, only 7 kilometers from the city is the nature reserve (Rezervaţia naturală geologică Râpa Roșie), known for its red colored rocks and hiking trails. Also known worldwide is the Transfagarasan pass, which is about 100 kilometers away. Only about 15 kilometers away is Kelling Castle (Cetatea Țărănească Câlnic). You can experience pure nature in the Trascău Mountains (Munții Trascăului). Impressive is also the Fagaras Mountains with Balea Lake, waterfalls and caves. These are just some of the highlights in the surroundings of Sebes.

Highlights Sebes

  • Evangelical church (Biserica Evanghelica)
  • Ensemble of the city fortification(Ansamblul fortificațiilor orașului)
  • Octagonal tower (Turnul Octogonal)
  • Tailor Tower (Turnul Croitorilor)
  • Guild halls(Halele Breslelor)
  • City Hall (Primaria Sebes)
  • District Museum (Muzeul Municipal Ioan Raica)
  • Church(Biserica Mare ortodoxa)
  • Church (Biserica Romano-Catolică​ Sf. Bartolomeu)
  • Cathedral (Catedrala Ortodoxă Sfinții Apostoli Petru și Pavel – Sebeş)
  • Cultural Center (Centrul cultural Lucian Blaga)
  • Parks (Parcul Primăriei / Parcul Tineretului / Parcul Arini)
  • Nature Reserve (Rezervaţia naturală geologică Râpa Roșie) 7km

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Transylvania is a historic part of Romania

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The city of Sebes is located in the historic region of Transylvania!