Falticeni is a small town in the historical region of Bucovina in the northeast of Romania. Conveniently located, the town is a popular excursion destination and at the same time a good starting point to explore the beautiful surroundings and landscapes of Bukovina. Falticeni is known, among others, for its beautiful churches and monasteries, including the Cathedral Biserica Sfântul Ilie, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Biserica Adormirea Maicii Domnului), Orthodox Church (Protoieria Fălticeni) and the Monastery Mănăstirea Buciumeni Suceava. You should also visit the museums in the city, such as the Muzeul Artei Ion Irimescu Art Museum, where you can find sculptures and graphic and drawing works, or the Memorial Museum (Galeria Oamenilor de Seamă). You can take a break in the city park or in the recreational area (Baza de agrement “Nada Florilor”). You can also relax on the terraces of the numerous restaurants, which offer Romanian dishes as well as international cuisine. If you want to spend the night in the small town, you can choose from hotels and apartments of different categories.

City of Falticeni

City of Falticeni

As already mentioned, Fălticeni is not only a city worth seeing, but also a good base to explore the surroundings. From Fălticeni you can reach, among others, the cities of Suceava and Targu Neamt, which are about 30 kilometers away. Only about 20 kilometers from the town of Fălticeni is the Rasca Monastery (Manastirea Rasca). To the nature reserve Parcul Natural Vanatori Neamt, where you will find numerous hiking trails, it is about 50 kilometers. Nearer are the Falticeni Lakes (Acumularea Fălticeni), where you can see numerous birds. And even though you can see the Stânișoarei Mountains (Munții Stânișoarei) from the town of Fălticeni in good visibility conditions, it is about 80 kilometers to get there. Despite the distance, a trip to the mountains is recommended. You should also see the so-called Moldavian monasteries, such as the Voronet Monastery (Manastirea Voronet) or the Probota Monastery (Manastirea Probota). The Bucovina region will inspire you. Take your time, because on the way you will come across things that will inspire you from time to time.

Highlights Falticeni

  • Church of the Assumption (Biserica Adormirea Maicii Domnului)
  • St. Elias Church (Biserica Sfântul Ilie)
  • Wooden Church (Biserica de lemn „Sfântul Gheorghe” din Fălticeni)
  • Monastery Rasca (Manastirea Rasca)
  • Museum of Art (Muzeul Artei Ion Irimescu)
  • Museum of Aqua (Muzeul Apelor Mihai Bacescu)
  • Memorial (Casa Memoriala Mihail Sadoveanu)
  • Statues (Grupul statuar Altarul Eroilor )
  • Recreation Area (Baza de agrement ”Nada Florilor”)
  • Lake /Bird Reserve (Acumularea Fălticeni)
  • Nature Reserve (Parcul Natural Vanatori Neamt)

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Fălticeni is located in the southeastern part of Suceava County, Romania, on the European Road E85 and is therefore easy to reach. Whether as a stopover or an excursion destination, the small town is worth stopping to discover the sights and enjoy Romanian food in one of the restaurants.


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