Husi is a small town in the region of Moldova in Romania and is especially known for the Episcopal Ansemble as well as wine growing. The city is located on the Siret River not far from the Republic of Moldova and has a long history, which is still witnessed by historical buildings and monuments. You should have seen the Episcopal Cathedral in Husi, which includes the Episcopal Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. Also worth seeing is the Church of St. George (Biserica SF. Gheorghe) with its beautiful murals. You can also visit one of the city’s museums, including the Museum of Viticulture (Muzeul viticulturii din Husi) or the Municipal Museum (Muzeul municipal din Husi). The center of the city can be easily explored on foot, and if you need a break, you can spend some time in one of the parks. In the Rodina Park (Parcul Rodina) there is also a stage where concerts take place. Or take a seat in one of the numerous restaurants and enjoy one of the traditional Romanian dishes.


City of Husi


Husi is not only worth seeing, but also a good base to explore the surrounding area. For example, the Equestrian Statue of Stephen the Great is about 30 kilometers away. The monastery (Mănăstirea Dimitrie Cantemir) about 20 kilometers and the reservoir (Lacul Solești) about 40 kilometers. Closer is the beautiful forest area (Pădurea Dobrina), which is 12 kilometers away from the town of Husi. From Husi you can also drive to the beautiful city of Iasi or across the border to the Moldavian capital of Chisnau. Hisu is conveniently located and also has a train station, so it is easy to reach the city.

Highlights Husi

  • Municipal Museum (Muzeul municipal din Husi)
  • Museum of Viticulture(Muzeul viticulturii din Husi)
  • Church of St. George(Biserica SF. Gheorghe)
  • Diocese of Husi (Ansamblul Episcopal Husi)
  • Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul (Episcopal Cathedral)
  • Moanstery (Mănăstirea Schimbarea la Față Huși)
  • Park with playground(Parcul Recea)
  • Rider statue Stephen the Great(Equestrian Statue of Stephen the Great) (30Km)
  • Mănăstirea Dimitrie Cantemir (20km)
  • Pădurea Dobrina (12Km)

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