Lugoj is a city in the west of Romania, in the Banat region, and today it is a popular tourist destination that has numerous sights. In the well-preserved old town you will find, among others, various churches, including the Orthodox Church of the Assumption in Lugoj (Biserica ortodoxă Adormirea Maicii Domnului din orașul Lugoj) or the Greek Catholic Cathedral (Catedrala Greco-Catolica). You should also see the Municipal Theater, built in 1835, and the Iron Bridge (Podul de Fier din Lugoj ), which crosses the Timis River. One of the most beautiful squares in the city is Piața Iosif Constantin Drăgan, where you can find numerous historical buildings such as the Cathedral Catedrala Greco-Catolică. Lugoj is also a good starting point to explore the surrounding area. Among others, the Semenic Cheile Carasului National Park is only about an hour away by car.


City of Lugoj

The small town of Lugoj is worth seeing for its numerous sights. However, Lugoj is also interesting because of the numerous festivals that take place there every year. For example, the House of Culture (Casa de Cultură) hosts concerts, theater performances and exhibitions. Also popular is the art festival (International Lugoj Art Festival) or the beer festival (Festivalul Berii) in September. On the other hand, the Surduc Reservoir (Lacul Surduc) attracts locals and tourists all year round. You should also visit the Museum of History, Ethnography and Fine Arts (Muzeul de Istorie, Etnografie si Arta Plastica din Lugoj) and see the numerous statues and monuments in the city, including the Bustul lui Coriolan Brediceanu and the Monumentul Eroilor Sovietici. For longer stays, the different accommodations are available. And in the restaurants of the city you should try a traditional dish. I can recommend Tochitura (kind of goulash) or Sarmale (cabbage rolls) as well as Mici (minced rolls), just to name a few.

Highlights Lugoj

  • Old Town (Orașul vechi)
  • Square (Piața Iosif Constantin Drăgan)
  • Iron Bridge (Podul de Fier din Lugoj )
  • Municipality building(Primaria Lugoj)
  • Old prefecture building(Cladirea vechii Prefecturi)
  • Museum of History, Ethnography and Fine Arts (Muzeul de Istorie, Etnografie si Arta Plastica din Lugoj)
  • Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Lugoj (Biserica ortodoxă Adormirea Maicii Domnului din orașul Lugoj)
  • Greek Catholic Cathedral (Catedrala Greco-Catolica)
  • Parcul George Enescu
  • Semenic Cheile Carașului National Park(Parcul Național Semenic – Cheile Carașului)

City Guide Lugoj

Useful Addresses

  • Tourist Info – Centrul Național de Informare și Promovare Turistică Lugoj
    Address: Splaiul Coriolan Brediceanu 20, Lugoj

Photos of Lugoj

The city of Lugoj is not far from the cities of Timisoara and Hunedoara, which are also very worth seeing. Coming from the west, you should definitely make a detour to Lugoj. Plan some time and enjoy the cultural life in the small town on the Timis River.


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