The city of Pitesti is located in the historical region of Muntenia of Romania and has numerous sights as well as a wide range of recreational opportunities and events. One of the city’s landmarks is the Heroes’ Gate (Poarta Eroilor din Pitești) on Bulevardul Erolior street. You should also have seen one of the numerous churches of the city. Among them are the Church of Saint Gheorghe (Biserica Domnească Sfântul Gheorghe), Church of Saint Myronosite (Biserica Sfintele Femei Mironosite) and Mavrodolu Church (Biserica Mavrodolu), to name a few. About 40 kilometers away you will also find one of the most beautiful monastery churches in Romania, which is part of the Curtea de Argeș Monastery (Mănăstirea Curtea de Argeș). Moreover, within the city there are numerous museums, many of which are housed in magnificent buildings. Among these are the Museum of Art (Galeria de Artă din Pitești) and the Museum of Natural History (Muzeul Judetean Arges), which also houses a planetarium. Also interesting, but a bit sinister, is the former prison (Memorialul Inchisoarea Pitesti), although it is open only at certain times. Also limited in time are colorful and music-filled fountains of the fountain in front of the City Hall. You can explore the city on foot, taking a break in one of the parks. Also popular are walks along the Arges River, which flows through the city.


City of Pitesti

Pitesti also offers some recreational facilities and parks. Popular among others are the park (Parcul Trivale), which is considered one of the landmarks of the city and where the city’s zoo is located. In the park you can walk, eat or even visit a cave. Due to the proximity of the Arges River, you can walk along it or do water sports in some places. Where exactly you can rent boats or go fishing, you can find out at the tourist office or from your host. In and around Pistesti there are also bike paths where you can explore the surroundings. You can hike extensively in the Buila Vânturarița National Park, which is about 90 kilometers away. Pitesti also has an interesting cultural scene and offers many cultural events and festivals throughout the year. As everywhere in Romania, you should stop at one of the numerous restaurants that offer traditional Romanian dishes and international cuisine.

Highlights Pitesti

  • Hero’s Gate (Poarta Eroilor din Pitești)
  • Fountain (Fântâna muzicală)
  • Former prison(Memorialul Inchisoarea Pitesti)
  • Church Saint Friday (Biserica Sfânta Vineri)
  • Church of the Holy Myronosites (Biserica Sfintele Femei Mironosite)
  • The church of St. Gheorghe(Biserica Domnească Sfântul Gheorghe)
  • Mavrodolu Church (Biserica Mavrodolu)
  • Park (Parcul Trivale)
  • Zoo (Gradina Zoologica Pitesti)
  • VIVO! Mall
  • Museum of Natural History (Muzeul Judetean Arges)
  • Museum of Art (Galeria de Artă din Pitești)
  • Theatre (Teatrul Alexandru Davila)
  • Philharmonic (Filarmonica)
  • Planetarium (Planetariul)

City Guide Pitesti

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Pitesti is worth seeing and at the same time a good starting point to explore the surrounding area. You should visit the monastery church of Curtea de Arges, built in the 16th century and considered one of the most beautiful churches in Romania. Poenari Castle (Cetatea Poenari), which Vlad Tepes had reinforced as a fortress, is 65 kilometers away at the beginning of the Transfăgărășan pass road, which is considered one of the most beautiful roads in the world, but is only passable for a few months. In this region is also the reservoir (Barajul Vidraru), which offers numerous recreational opportunities and is a popular destination for excursions.


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