Sinaia is one of the most beautiful mountain resorts in Romania, if not in Europe, surrounded by a fantastic natural landscape with high mountains (Muntii Bucegi). Sinaia is especially known for its breathtaking landscapes and its numerous monuments, which attract visitors from all over the world to this beautiful corner of the world. One of the most famous landmarks of the city is Peleș Castle (Castelul Peles si Castelul Pelisor), which was built in the 19th century for King Charles I and is known for its woodcarvings and has been the setting for numerous movies. Another highlight in Sinaia is the Sinaia Monastery (Manastirea Sinaia) , founded in the 17th century and an important religious site in Romania. Also of importance was and is the Sinaia Casino with its magnificent halls, which you can visit. Bring time with you when you come to Sinaia, this place is really special and you should not miss the beautiful nature.


Sinaia Romania

Sinaia is not only worth seeing, but also a great place for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing and mountain biking. In the surrounding mountains and forests you will find numerous hiking trails, as well as in the ski resorts well prepared slopes for skiers and snowboarders. The various modern cable cars (Telegondola) will take you to the top of Cota 1400 and Cota 2000, from where you will have a great view and in summer you can also have a picnic. From Cota 2000 you can also hike to the unique rock formations Babele and Sphinx (Sfinxul), which are also part of the beautiful Bucegi Nature Park. From Babele you can already see the big cross (Crucea Eroilor de pe Muntele Caraiman), which was built on the mountain. But back to the city of Sinaia, where you should also visit one of the museums. The City Museum (Castelul Stirbey) is recommended, as well as the Natural History Museum (Muzeul Rezervatia Bucegi) in the Bucegi Nature Reserve. And you should also take a ride on the Telegondola Sinaia. And like everywhere in Romania, you should stop at a restaurant and enjoy the tasty Romanian food.

Highlights Sinaia

  • Castle Peles (Castelul Peles si Castelul Pelisor)
  • Monastery Sinaia (Manastirea Sinaia)
  • Sinaia Casino
  • Museum (Castelul Stirbey)
  • Museum of Natural Science (Muzeul Rezervatia Bucegi)
  • Park (Parcul Dimitrie Ghica)
  • Memorial House (George Enescu Memorial House)
  • Cable Car (Telegondola Sinaia)
  • Rock formations Babele and Sphinx
  • Monument Cruz  (Crucea Eroilor de pe Muntele Caraiman)
  • Cave and Monastery Ialomiței (Peștera si Manastirea Ialomiței)

City Guide Sinaia

Useful Addresses

  • Tourist Info – Centrul de Informare si Promovare Turistica din Sinaia
    Address: Carol I- Piațetă Parc Dimitrie Ghica , Sinaia


Sinaia is also a good starting point to explore the surrounding area. For example, you can easily reach the nearby cities of Busteni or Brasov by train or by car. For longer stays in Sinaia you can choose from different accommodations. By the way, I should mention that in some hotels there are thermal baths and treatments. You can also get more information about the city at the Information Center (Centrul de Informare si Promovare Turistica din Sinaia), which is located in Parc Dimitrie Ghica.


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