The city of Turda (Thorenburg) is located in the Transylvania region of Romania and is especially known for its salt mountain (Salina Turda), which you can visit and where there are underground attractions. For example, the world’s only Ferris wheel is located here 120 meters underground. Other famous sights are the Mihai Vodă Monastery (Mănăstirea Mihai Vodă) and the Cathedral (Catedrala Ortodoxa din Turda). You should also visit the former Roman fortress (Castrul Roman Potaissa) or one of the interesting museums of the city. Among them are the Turda History Museum (Muzeul de Istorie Turda) or the Scientific Factory Museum (Muzeul Fabrica De Stiinta). In the city there are also numerous old buildings worth seeing, such as the Mikó Palace (Palatul Mikó), the Finance Palace (Palatul Finanțelor), the Prefecture Building (Casa Prefectului) or the Theater Building (Teatrul National Aureliu Manea Turda), where even today performances are staged. You can easily explore the city on foot, and in the meantime you can also stop at one of the restaurants and eat a typical Romanian dish or relax in the Parcul Municipal.


City of Turda

In addition to numerous attractions, the city of Turda also offers several thermal baths Turda (Baile Sarate din Turda). One of the most famous baths is located on the lake (Lacurile Durgău). In the surroundings of Turda you can also go hiking. Popular are among others the gorge Turza ( Cheile Turzii), which is about 15 kilometers away and the gorge Turului (Cheile Turului). Almost a natural paradise that offers hiking, biking, climbing as well as caves and more is the Apuseni National Park (Parcul Natural Apuseni), located about 120 kilometers from Turda. The nearest city is Cluj-Napoca at 35 kilometers.

Highlights Turda

  • Salt Mine (Salina Turda)
  • Museum of History (Muzeul de Istorie Turda)
  • Monastery (Mănăstirea Mihai Vodă)
  • Cathedrale (Catedrala Ortodoxa din Turda)
  • Scientific Factory Museum (Muzeul Fabrica De Stiinta)
  • Roman Fortress (Castrul Roman Potaissa)
  • Theatre (Teatrul National Aureliu Manea Turda)
  • Prefecture building(Casa Prefectului)
  • Mikó-Palace (Palatul Mikó)
  • Palace of Justice (Palatul Finanțelor)
  • Momentum (Mormântul lui Mihai Viteazul)
  • Thermal Bath Turda (Baile Sarate din Turda)
  • Lake (Lacul Durgău)
  • Hotel (Castelul Prințul Vânător)

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