The limestone cave Cetatile Ponorului is located in the Parcul Natural Apuseni in Romania and is impressive. Already the entrance (portal) with about 70 meters is magnificent and inside the cave flows an underground river. The cave can be partially visited by tourists. Visits to the entire cave are recommended only with guides. Up to the Sal Taberei, rubber boots and lighting should be enough to discover the imposing cave, which is one of the most important caves in Romania. Since the cave is located in the middle of nature, it is necessary to hike there. You can start it from the Padis plateau.

Cetatile Ponorului Cave

welcome to Cetatile Ponorului Cave

Hiking Trails:

  • Hiking trail to the cave via Cabana Padis – Poiana Ponor – Drum Forestier Scarita – Cabana Cetatile Ponorului – Cetatile Ponorului – La Grajduri – Cabana Padis. Marking blue dot on white

Photos of Cetatile Ponorului Cave

Cetatile Ponorului Cave

Location: Parcul Natural Apuseni (46.56507966807275, 22.701566757672232)


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