The city of Braila is located in the historical Muntenia region of Romania, directly on the Danube River and is worth seeing. The city has many historical sights, such as the historic clock tower (Ceasul public din Brăila), which is located in the square (Piaţa Traian) in the historic center of the city. The clock tower is a landmark and a popular photo motif at the same time. Other historical monuments of the city include the Palace of Events (Palatul Tineretului), the Palace of Agriculture (Palatul Agriculturii) and the beautiful theater (Teatrul Maria Filotti), which still hosts concerts and performances. The Independence Square (Piața Independenței) is a popular place, from here you can also reach the Danube promenade, which you should walk along. You can explore the city on your own or during a guided tour (Tur ghidat Braila), which is highly recommended. You should see the Castle Ruins & Catacombs (Cetatea Brailei), the Kinetic Fountain (Fântâna Cinetică) and the Old Water Tower (Castelul de Apă Brăila). And like everywhere else in Romania, Braila has churches worth seeing, including the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Lord (Catedrala Nasterea Domnului) and the Church of Archangels Michael and Gabriel (Biserica Sfinții Arhangheli Mihail și Gavriil). Take your time to explore the city. You can take a break in the public park (Grădina Publică) or on the Danube promenade (Faleza). On the promenade, as well as throughout the city, there are restaurants where you should try one of the Romanian dishes.


City of Braila

Braila is located directly on the Danube, so it is not surprising that there are numerous recreational opportunities on the river. There you can go for a walk, fishing, cycling or just let your soul dangle. You should also experience a boat trip on the Danube, for example, with the passenger ship Lacu Sărat or one of the private providers. The beaches on the banks of the Danube are also ideal for swimming, sunbathing and water sports. Also popular is the salt lake (Lacul Sarat) with its thermal baths, which is about 7 kilometers away. The zoo (Grădina Zoologică a Brăilei) of the city should also be mentioned.

Highlights Braila

  • Independence Square (Piața Independenței)
  • Old Town (Orasul Vechi / Piata Traian)
  • Danube promenade (Faleza)
  • Palace of Events(Palatul Tineretului)
  • Palace of Agriculture (Palatul Agriculturii)
  • Theatre (Teatrul Maria Filotti)
  • Castle Ruin & Catacombs(Cetatea Brailei)
  • Kinetic fountain (Fântâna Cinetică)
  • Clock tower (Ceasul public din Brăila)
  • Museum (Muzeul Brăilei Carol I)
  • Cultural center (Centrul Cultural Nicăpetre)
  • Cathedral of the Birth of the Lord (Catedrala Nasterea Domnului)
  • Church Archangel Michael and Gabriel (Biserica Sfinții Arhangheli Mihail și Gavriil)
  • Öffentlicher Park (Grădina Publică)
  • Old water tower (Castelul de Apă Brăila)
  • Danube boat tour (Plimbări pe Dunăre)
  • Zoo (Grădina Zoologică a Brăilei)

Stadtführer Braila

Useful Addresses

  • Tourist Info – Centrul National de Informare si Promovare Turistică
    Address: Strada Edmond Nicolau 4a, Brăila


Braila is also a good starting point to explore the surrounding area. The unique Danube Delta is only about 100 kilometers away, which you can visit by boat from Tulcea. Only about 50 kilometers away is the nature reserve (Parcul Natural Balta Mică a Brăilei), which is also very worth seeing and will impress you. I also want to mention the lake (Lacul Dunărea Veche), which is located at a distance of 30 kilometers from Braila.


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Muntenia is a historic part of Romania

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The city of Braila is located in the historic region of Muntenia!