The town of Dej is located in western Romania, in the historical region of Transilvania, about 60 kilometers north of the city of Cluj-Napoca. The most important sights in the city of Dej include the Reformed Church (Biserica Reformată I), built in Gothic style and located on Parcul Mic, which is one of the most beautiful squares in the Stdat. You should also have seen the building of the City Hall (Primăria Dej) and the Palace of Justice (Palatul de Justiție). As so often in Romania, there are churches worth seeing in Dej, among which is the Church of St. Peter and Paul (Biserica Sfinții Apostoli Petru și Pavel) and the Orthodox Church of St. Varvara, located at a depth of about 80 meters in the Transilvania mine. The Municipal Museum (Muzeul Municipal Dej) and the Railway Museum (Muzeul de Locomotive Dej Triaj) are also interesting. In the art gallery (Galeria de Arta Dej) you can also find works by artists from the region and from all over Romania. You should also stop at one of the city’s restaurants.


City of Dej

Dej also offers the spa park Toroc, which is located in Ocna Dej 3 km from the center and is an oasis of relaxation, where you can also get various therapeutic treatment or just have some fun on the water slides. Due to its proximity to the Someşul Mic River, Dej also offers numerous opportunities for walks and picnics by the river. In the vicinity of Dej there is also Sinagoga Gherla, which is 10 kilometers away, and the historical Roman site Castrul roman Samum, which is about 8 kilometers away. Some beautiful natural parks you can also reach from Dej. For example, you can find the gorge (Cheile Turzii) at 100 kilometers or the nature park (Parcul Naţional Munţii Rodnei) at 110 kilometers. We should also mention the magnificent Apuseni Natural Park, which is 150 kilometers away.

Highlights Dej

  • Palace of Justice (Palatul de Justiție)
  • City Hall (Primăria Dej)
  • Statue (Statuia Lupa Capitolina)
  • Heros Monument (Monumentul Eroilor)
  • Castle Ruins (Castelul Kornis)
  • Church (Biserica Reformată I)
  • Church (Biserica Ortodoxă Sfânta Varvara)
  • Church (Biserica Sfinții Apostoli Petru și Pavel)
  • Museum (Muzeul Municipal Dej)
  • Railroad Museum (Muzeul de Locomotive Dej Triaj)
  • Centrum of Culture (Arta)
  • Water Park (Parc Balnear Toroc)

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