The city of Vaslui is located in the historic region of Moldavia in northeastern Romania and is worth visiting for its numerous ancient monuments. As is often the case in Romania, Vaslui is home to several churches and monasteries, including the Church of the Head of St. John the Baptist (Biserica Domnească Tăierea Capului Sf. Ioan Botezătorul), Church of St. Nicholas (Biserica Sfantul Nicolae), Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Biserica Adormirea Maicii Domnulu) and others. Other places worth visiting and buildings you can explore are the Mavrocordat Palace (Palatul Mavrocordat) , the Palace of Justice (Palatul de Justiție din Vaslui), the archaeological site (Situl arheologic Curtea Domnească) or even the Mausoleum (Mausoleul Peneș Curcanul), which is located not far from Copou Park. You should also visit the Museum Stefan cel Mare (Muzeul Ștefan cel Mare din Vaslui) or the Library (Biblioteca Județeană ‘Nicolae Milescu Spătarul’). You should also stop in one of the numerous restaurants to eat a typical Romanian dish.


City of Vaslui


Vaslui is not only worth seeing, but also a good starting point to explore the surrounding area. The nature reserve Movila lui Burcel, for example, is located 30 kilometers from Vaslui and is also home to the historical site Movila lui Burcel and the monastery “Holy Emperor Constantine”. Only about 10 kilometers away from Vaslui is the Lacul Puscasi lake, where there is also an area for fishing. You should also have seen the equestrian statue (Statuia ecvestră a lui Ștefan cel Mare de la Podul Înalt) , which is 10 kilometers away. Also worth seeing are some village museums in the small villages of the county , where local traditions and customs are presented, as well as traditional costumes and handicraft items. It is also worth mentioning some monasteries in the area, including the Mănăstirea Floreşti Monastery , the Mănăstirea Floreşti Monastery and the Mănăstirea Mălineşti Monastery. The nearest larger city is Iasi, which is about 60 kilometers away from Vaslui.

Highlights Vaslui

  • Church of St. John the Baptist (Biserica Domnească Tăierea Capului Sf. Ioan Botezătorul)
  • Church of St. Constantine and Helena (Biserica Sfinții Constantin și Elena)
  • Church of St. Nicholas (Biserica Sfantul Nicolae)
  • Church of the Assumption(Biserica Adormirea Maicii Domnulu)
  • Church of Archangels Michael and Gabriel (Biserica Sfinții Arhangheli MIhail și Gavriil)
  • Administration building (Consiliul Județean)
  • Mavrocordat Palace (Palatul Mavrocordat)
  • Archaeological site (Situl arheologic Curtea Domnească)
  • Ghica-House (Casa Ghica)
  • Mausoleum (Mausoleul Peneș Curcanul)
  • Museum Stefan cel Mare (Muzeul Ștefan cel Mare din Vaslui)
  • Bibliotheque (Biblioteca Județeană ‘Nicolae Milescu Spătarul’)
  • Palace of Justice (Palatul de Justiție din Vaslui)
  • Nature reserve & historical site (Movila lui Burcel)

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