Perisor is a small village in the historical Oltenia region of Romania and is located about 40 kilometers northwest of the large city of Craiova. Perișor is more like a village, located like many villages on a main road. The museum (Muzeul Henri Coandă) dedicated to the physicist is interesting. The church Biserica Sfântul Nicolae and Biserica Ortodoxă Nouă are also worth seeing. And in the surroundings there is Lacul Perișor Lake and 15 kilomters away is Lacul Fântânele Lake. The nearest city Craiova is about 40 kilometers away.


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  • Museum (Muzeul Henri Coandă)
  • Church (Biserica Ortodoxă Nouă)
  • Church (Biserica Sfântul Nicolae)
  • Lake (Lacul Perișor)
  • Lake (Lacul Fântânele) 15Km
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