Train trip Oravita Anina , initially intended for the transport of coal and wood from the Banat region, the railroad line (Romanian: Calea Ferata Oravita-Anina) between Oravita (Orawitz) and Anina is now a tourist attraction. The line was built on a narrow gauge of 760 mm, which makes it special. However, the line is also known for its impressive landscapes as well as bridges and tunnels. On 33.4 kilometers you will experience a unique view of Romania’s nature as well as numerous curves, tunnels, the longest of which is over 600 meters long. Take a seat in this train and relax from everyday life. You will be amazed by the beauty of the landscape.

Train trip Oravita Anina

Semmering Train Banat

The railroad line is also called Banater Semmering Railway. According to the latest information (2023), the train is called Regio 9695 and runs only once a day from Oravita to Anina and back. You should definitely allow time for the train ride and maybe take some provisions with you. For a distance of about 34 kilometers the train takes more than 2 hours. Nevertheless, it will certainly not be boring for you to ride on this historical route and enjoy the fantastic landscapes. Driving at 17 kilometers per hour is very relaxing and you have time to enjoy the view. You also have some time between the outward and return journey, which you can bridge with a short city tour or with a meal. You can find out exactly when the trains leave on the website below.

Semmering Trail of Banat

A ride on the Banat Semmering Railway is a must for any railroad enthusiast, but also for anyone who wants to experience the fantastic nature and this unique route with all its bridges and tunnels. One thing you should not forget, the train is historical and you can not compare it with modern comfort trains, but it offers a unique experience of this worldwide rare railroad technology and that in the magnificent natural landscape of Romania.

Semmering Train of Banat

Railroad Line ( Calea Ferata Oravita-Anina) between Oravita (Orawitz) and Anina in Romania in the Region of Banat.


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