The Medieval Torture Exhibition (Expozitie de Tortura) in Hunedoara is located right next to Dracula Castle and displays torture devices from the Middle Ages. What people do to each other, that you can see here and also hear. A somewhat gruesome exhibition, which I nevertheless mention. However, you should decide for yourself whether you want to see that or not.

Medieval Torture Exhibition (Expozitie de Tortura)

Torture Exhibition

The torture devices are depicted or demonstrated in scenes with dolls. Apparently primitive tools, which were nevertheless effective and probably no one would like to experience their handling. In the end, it probably led mostly to death. The exhibition is not suitable for children and entrance was only from at least 16 years. I was there only 5 minutes, and the friendly woman at the cash desk said, when I asked her how do they stand it, I don’t see or hear it anymore. As a deterrent, you should then perhaps look at the exhibition. I can recommend, however, a tour of the Corvin Castle ​, which next to the exhibition.

Expozitie de Tortura Hunedoara

Warning !!

photos of exhibition with emotional impact!!!

Photos of Torture Exhibition

Torture Exhibition (Expozitie de Tortura)
Location: Strada Curtea Corvinilor 1-3, Hunedoara