Malaiesti Fortress (Cetatea Malaiesti) is located in the village of the same name, not far from the town of Hunedoara, and is a medieval fortress in Romania worth seeing. The castle has been restored and can be visited freely. Especially tourists who want to go to the nature reserve Rezetat, make a stop here and look at the castle built towards the end of the 14th century. Furthermore, you can see medieval artifacts.

Malaiesti Fortress (Cetatea Malaiesti)

Malaiesti Fortress

The medieval castle is really worth seeing and can be visited from the outside also outside the opening hours.

Malaiesti Fortress (Cetatea Malaiesti)

Malaiesti Fortress (Cetatea Malaiesti)

Location: Cetatea Malaiesti, Malaiesti (45.48365130743777, 22.947258084658014)

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