Bran is a small village in Transylvania and at the same time one of the most visited places in Romania. Bran is home to the legendary Bran Castle, which is said to have served as the inspiration for the novel “Dracula”. Commonly called Castle Dracula, the historic structure is said to have been home to Prince Vlad Tepes (also called the Impaler) and is one of the most famous attractions in Romania today. If the rush to the Castle Dracula continues, Bran Castle will eventually enter the list of the most visited sights in the world.

Discover Bran


Discover Bran

Bran Castle is, of course, the main attraction of the small town. Here you can see numerous historical artefacts. Among them are historical weapons, armor, furniture and more. Furthermore, there is a small park at the foot of the castle, as well as a restaurant and the so-called Time Tunnel. An elevator takes you down to the former secret tunnel of the queen, where today a multimedia show is installed.
Around the castle you will find restaurants, souvenir stores and mini markets. You can reach the castle with a guided bus tour from Brasov, Sibiu or Bucharest or by car or bus. I liked my bus trip from Brasov to Bran with the provider:
The castle is worth seeing, but the large crowds make a visit exhausting. It is therefore recommended to come early in the morning, some say just before closing time. The castle is in very good condition and would be almost perfect for any Hollywood movie.

Highlights Bran

  • Castelul Bran (Bran Castle)
  • Muzeul Național Bran
  • Horror House
  • Manastirea Bran (Monastery Bran)
  • Souvenir-Market
  • The Time Tunnel
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  • Skiing in Moeciu

Bran City Guide

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  • Tourist Info – Brasov
    Address: Prundului Str. 1 (Poarta Schei), Brasov

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Discover Bran

Also worth seeing is the Muzeul Național Bran. Here you can see items from the royal collection of King Ferdinand & Queen Mary. Among them are art objects, books, furniture and household items.
The whole village lives from Bran Castle. Thus, all kinds of knickknacks are sold at the small stalls at the foot of the castle. A souvenir is a must, even though some will say it’s all junk.
A visit to Bran Castle is a must, although I must say that Hunedoara Castle is more magnificent. There are many other castles in Romania that are worth visiting and are not so crowded.
Furthermore, there is a horror house in Bran, who wants to be a little creepy, this is the right place. Well for some it is scary for others something to laugh. Try it out and decide for yourself.
Much quieter is about 10 kilometers from Bran Castle, there is a small monastery (Manastirea Bran), a place of peace.

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Transylvania is a historic part of Romania

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The village of Bran is located in the historic region of Transylvania!

Get more information about the prince Vlad Tepes III, who was victorious but also cruel and bloodthirsty.

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