Romania has a large number of international airports that connect the country with various international destinations as well as with each other. Romanian airports now comply with international standards that meet the requirements of the global aviation industry. These include safety measures in accordance with the international standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).


As Romania is becoming an increasingly popular destination, Romanian airports are investing in modernizing their infrastructure and facilities to provide passengers with the most pleasant travel experience possible. This creates trust among passengers. Accessibility at airports is also important to ensure that all passengers, including people with reduced mobility or disabilities, have access to facilities and services. Investment is or has also been made in infrastructure, which includes a wide range of facilities and equipment necessary for the smooth operation and comfort of passengers. Meanwhile, it can be said that Romanian airports offer a pleasant travel experience.
Most airports are connected to the public transport network (bus, train), making it easy for passengers to reach their destination. Cabs and many shuttle services are also available. If you come to the airport by car, there are parking spaces available for a fee. However, many airports also offer the option of Kiss and Fly, where parking is free for around 5-10 minutes, depending on the airport.

Various airlines fly to Romania’s airports.

Wizzair, for example, flies to various Romanian airports from different airports in Germany and Europe. These include: Bacau BCM / Brasov GHV / Bucharest H. Coanda OTP / Cluj-Napoca CLJ / Constanta CND / Craiova CRA / Iasi IAS / Satu Mare SUJ / Sibiu SBZ / Suceava SCV / Targu Mures TGM / Timisoara.

Many other airlines fly to the various airports in Romania.
You can book domestic flights with TAROM, among others

Note: Filming and unauthorized photography is prohibited at most airports. Please pay attention to the signs on site.

International Airports