Whether mountain coaster, alpine coaster, toboggan run or bobsleigh run, all have been built to offer riders a safe and exciting ride experience.
Romania offers a variety of exciting leisure activities for adventure seekers. With its impressive mountain landscapes and picturesque mountain regions, Romania is well suited for toboggan runs (Mountain Coaster / Alpine Coaster), which are among the popular leisure activities that visitors can enjoy in the Romanian mountains. Combine the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature and get an adrenaline rush at the same time, where you can control the speed of the sledges or bobsleds yourself.

Mountain Coaster

One of the most famous toboggan runs in Romania is located in the Cheile Gradistei region. There are others in Băile Homorod, Lunca de Sus, Borsec and Durau, for example. Tobogganing is an experience for both families and adventurers who enjoy the combination of breathtaking scenery and thrilling rides. However, there are special regulations for children, who are only allowed to ride from a certain age and then only when accompanied by an adult. Various elements such as braking and safety systems as well as maintenance and safety checks serve to ensure the smooth running of a toboggan run and help to ensure that riders can enjoy a safe and fun ride.