The Murfatlar Cave Complex (Ansambul Rupestru Basarabi-Murfatlar ) is an archaeological site and spiritual center in the Dobruja (Dobrogea) region near the town of Murfatlar in Romania. The cave complex consists of rooms and galleries carved into the chalk rock. It is an important spiritual center for the Orthodox Church in Romania and was probably the site of the first church (chapel) in Romania. Still visible today are various crosses of different sizes and types that have been carved into the walls. Parts that were cut out of the chalk walls can also be seen today in the Regional Museum of Dobruja and the Archaeological Museum of Bucharest.

Murfatlar Cave Complex

Murfatlar Cave Complex


Only 15 km from the Black Sea coast you will find the site in Romania so important for Christianity. Sometimes it is also called the cave monastery of Murfatlar. It is also worth mentioning that the region around the village of Murfatlar is famous for its vineyards, which were cultivated by monks long ago.

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Murfatlar Cave Complex

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