The small stalactite Valea Cetatii Cave  (Pestera Valea Cetatii ) is located near the beautiful village Rasnov and is one of the numerous caves in Romania that can be visited. The cave can be reached via a forest path. The climb is a bit tedious, and besides, you can visit the cave only during a guided tour, but it is interesting. The cave itself is well lit, but during the guided tour the light was turned off for a short moment, which is not to everyone’s liking. It is only a small cave, but still very worth seeing. In the large hall, for example, there are beautiful limestone formations and stalactites.

Valea Cetatii Cave (Pestera Valea Cetatii )

Valea Cetatii Cave

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A visit to the cave can also be combined with a trip to Rasnov Castle and if you are traveling with children, you should not miss the dinosaur park.

Photos of Valea Cetatii Cave

Valea Cetatii Cave (Pestera Valea Cetatii)

Location: Strada Cetatii, Rasnov


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