Cluj-Napoca Top 10, Cluj Napoca is a city worth seeing in Romania with numerous old buildings and a beautiful old town square. Among the highlights of the city that you should have seen are the following sights, including churches, historical buildings and more.


Cluj-Napoca Top 10

Cluj Napoca Unirii Square

Cluj-Napoca old town (Centrul Istoric Cluj-Napoca)

Old Town Cluj-Napoca (Centrul Istoric Cluj-Napoca) with the beautiful Unirii Square is very worth seeing, also there are numerous restaurants here.

Church of St. Michael

St. Michael Church (Catedrala Sfantul Mihail)

Church of St. Michael (Catedrala Sfantul Mihail) stands in the old town of Cluj-Napoca on Piata Unirii and is worth seeing.

Opera House Cluj Napoca

Opera House (Teatrul Național Lucian Blaga)

Opera House (Teatrul Național Lucian Blaga) , the opera of Cluj-Napoca is located in a beautiful building.

Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral

Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral (Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral)

Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral is a very beautiful building. On the square in front of the church you can also buy souvenirs and regional products.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden (Gradina Botanica Alexandru Borza)

The Botanical Garden (Gradina Botanică Alexandru Borza) of Cluj-Napoca is a Japanese-style landscape garden.


Cluj-Napoca Top 10

Statue King Mathias

Statue King Mathias (Rex Matia Corvin Statue)

Statue (Rex Matia Corvin Statue) , the statue of the former king stands on the square Unirii


Forest of Hoia Baciu

In the forest Hoia-Baciu (Pădurea Hoia), which is located about 7 kilometers from the center, it is said that inexplicable phenomena occurred. Actually, the forest is a beautiful mixed forest with beech, oak and alder trees, which invites to beautiful walks. But the stories about paranormal phenomena make some shudder.

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