Poiana Brașov is not only one of the most popular ski resorts in Romania, but also invites for hiking in summer. Poiana Brasov is located about 15 kilometers from the city of Brasov and is easy to reach. You can reach Poiana Brasov by public transport, as well as by car, cab or even on foot from Brasov. The bus, for example, runs regularly (about every 20 minutes) from the bus station Livada Postei (Bulevardul Eroilor) to Poiana Brasov. You can get tickets at the ticket booth or from the vending machine at the bus stop. By cab, it takes about 15 minutes from the old town, as well as by car, unless it’s high season and you’re stuck in traffic. For parking you will find numerous paid parking lots. If you are good on foot, you can also hike up the mountain. Along the main road it goes, but it is not very nice. From Solomon´s Rock (Strada Podul Cretului), a hiking trail leads to Poiana Brasov. (Keep right at the parking lot and follow the path).

Poiana Brasov


The traditional winter sports resort also offers numerous restaurants that invite you to linger, both in winter and in summer. I would like to recommend the restaurant Stana Turistica, (https://www.sergianagrup.ro/stana-turistica) a beautiful restaurant with an even more beautiful view and tasty food, which is located just before Poiana Brasov. If you want to stay overnight, you will find various hotels, apartments and guesthouses. For winter sports enthusiasts, Poiana Brasov offers slopes of all levels, as well as ski schools and several ski lifts and a cable car that brings visitors all year round to the top of Postavarul at an altitude of 1,799 meters. Those who wish can also book a paragliding flight over Poiana. In short Poiana is a must for all travelers who are in the area.

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Poiana Brasov Ski Area


Poiana Brasov is a winter paradise, and not only for skiers or snowboarders, who will find numerous slopes here. Winter hiking is also possible here, where hikers still encounter untouched natural landscapes. It is said that the snow season in Transylvania begins in mid-December and ends in mid-April, although the snow is then usually found only at higher altitudes. The best snow in Romania is usually from mid-January to mid-March.
Poiana Brasov is the oldest and probably the most famous ski resort in Transilvania and all of Romania. It offers various slopes with different levels of difficulty. The ski slopes are located at an altitude of 941 to 1783 meters and have a total length of about 14 kilometers. Almost half of the ski slopes are classified as difficult and the other half fall into the easy and medium categories. Several lifts and a cable car will take you to the slopes. The ski resort is located near the city of Brasov.

Winter Poiana Brasov